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A bride and groom sharing a kiss for their St. Augustine Beach Wedding Photos.

Our Beach Wedding Ceremony Photography Options:

All of our packages come with photography.  This photography is of the ceremony.  Our photography starts at the beginning of your ceremony, during the ceremony, and the kiss right after the ceremony -- then we will take the bride and groom towards the water, and take a few poses to finish up our ceremony photography.   Guests will be allowed to take photos/cell phone photos and videos, from the seated area, or behind the seats only.  Below are our available options for adding photography to your beach wedding:

Option #1:
Expanded ceremony photography by one of our staff photographers--they will take photos at the beginning of the ceremony, during, and then the kiss.  Then, if possible, we will take a group photo with all of your guests.  Then,  immediate family photos with the bride and groom (Mom, Dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc...).  Once this short session is complete, we will take the bride and groom, and any bridal party only, down to the water for many more poses -- first with the bridal party, then ultimately the bride and groom.  At this time, we will be the only ones taking this ceremony photography so we can avoid any distractions, shadows, etc...  
This extra ceremony photography time is only $200.00 (if having over 50 guests, $250.00)

Option #2:
If you are looking for more unique poses, more edited, journalistic photos, you can hire our exclusive ceremony photographer: Forever in Love Photography.  If you hire her, she will take the place of our staff photographer (You will receive a $100.00 discount on your wedding package for purchasing her services -- cannot be combined with any other discounts).  She will be at the beach for up to one hour, taking ceremony photos, and after ceremonies at the beach ceremony site.  She is also available for additional photography options:  getting ready, reception, etc...  Contact her directly for details and pricing:

No matter which option above you choose:  Just the photos that come with the package, our extended photography time, or hiring Forever In Love Photography -- you will receive all of you photos on a photo CD, with a copyright release letter.  No purchasing any prints from us!  We feel that it is important that you receive all of your ceremony photos so you can enjoy them, share them, and print whichever ones you want!  This is a great money-saver after your ceremony!

Ceremony Videography:
You can hire our preferred cinematographer/videographer:  She has several package options for your ceremony videography (documentary style, highlight video, short "teaser" clip).  Her services start at $700.00, and would need to be reserved as soon as possible to insure her availability.

Will you be bringing your own ceremony photographer?  You can bring your own ceremony photographer.  If you bring your own ceremony photographer, ours will not be present.  You will receive a $100.00 discount off your package price when bringing your own independent photographer (not one of the options above) -- not available for the Simply St. Augustine or Beach Beginnings Packages.  Your photographer will take your ceremony photos, then after your ceremony, they will take you, and your guests, down to the water to continue your after ceremony photography.  Our work will be completed, and we will start taking down our ceremony decor.

St. Augustine Beach Wedding Photos 

Photography is included with all of our Florida beach weddings.  Our dedicated staff will be capturing all of those important ceremony moments.

Below are some of our St. Augustine Beach Wedding Photos. You will always receive the same quality, and dedication of service that we provide for each and every one of our Florida destination weddings.  Our photographers, including our exclusive photography company, Forever in Love Photos(available for upgrade--see information on bottom of this page), have been with us for several years.  We do not use photography students, photography hobbyists.  Photography is a big, and an important part, of each of our wedding packages, and we want to make sure you receive the best possible St. Augustine Beach Wedding Photos.  We do limit your guests to taking photos from their seats only-- no walking around the ceremony site, standing behind the officiant (after all, they are not invisible!).  There are enough distractions on the beach, without guests walking around and disrupting your ceremony.  They have come to watch you get married, they should watch, and listen to your ceremony, and enjoy this most important time of your life!  Note:  Most of the St. Augustine Beach Wedding Photos below are the result of the additional ceremony photography time.