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​​Florida Marriage License Information:

Do I need a Florida Marriage license for my St. Augustine Wedding on the Beach?

Yes, you do need a Florida Marriage License to get married in Florida.  

Below are some Marriage License Facts:

  • As of January 5, 2015, same sex couples can legally obtain a Florida marriage license, and be legally married in Florida.  Hurray!!
  • If both of you reside outside of Florida, you can obtain your Florida marriage license by mail (when you reserve with us, we provide you with this information), or any clerk of court in Florida (does not have to be from the Florida county you are getting married in)
  • There is no waiting period for out of state residents.
  • Florida Residents -- you have a three day waiting period.  You will receive your license right away, but the effective date will be three days from the pick-up date.
  • Do you reside out of the United States?  Your Florida marriage license is a legal document.  You will just have to register it with your country's clerk (check your country's clerk office for additional details).

Reserving your wedding with us?  And, you both are not Florida residents?

​We will supply you with information on how to obtain your Florida marriage license by mail.

Here is a list of the Clerk's Offices in the State of Florida:

St. Augustine is in St. John's County

Jacksonville Beach is in Duval County

​Frequently Asked Questions:​

Where Can I have My St. Augustine Wedding on the Beach?:

​--In some instances, we can have the St. Augustine Wedding on the Beach in front of your beach front hotel, condo, or rental house.  You would need to obtain permission from management (additional charges will apply for private homes-- see individual package details).  If you have chosen the location, you need to make sure it has ample parking, and reasonable beach access, and parking, for us, and your guests.  The following is not reasonable beach access: walking through homes, crossing streets, excessively long boardwalks to the beach, a lot of stairs

--We have a couple of beach front locations that we use for most of our beach weddings.  

--In St. Augustine, Vilano Beach, and Ponte Vedra, a beach wedding permit is required.  We will obtain the permit for you, and add the cost to your package (2016/17 permit fee:  $106.50)

Our St. Augustine Wedding on the Beach Packages:

​--All of our packages are listed, as well as all the components they come with, and exact pricing (no hidden fees, service charges, etc..)

--All of our packages come with a photographer and officiant.  You can bring your own officiant, but no deductions will be allowed because we will still have someone there to coordinate your wedding ceremony.  We do allow you to hire your own photographer for your wedding ceremony -- a $100.00 discount will be applied to your package when bringing your own independent photographer (not available for the Simply St. Augustine or Beach Beginnings Packages).  Keep in mind: our photographers have worked with us for years, and also assist us in coordination, they do not block the ceremony so your guests will be able to watch your ceremony.  They know the beach conditions, weather, lighting, etc...

--Most of our packages come with choices.  You will receive a User ID and Password once you reserve your beach wedding.

--We work with only our decor, our chairs, our sand ceremony decorated table, our aisle ways.  You can bring favors to the ceremony, such as bubbles, fans, bridal bouquets, and bridal party flowers.  No bird seed allowed!  Petals can be used in most area -- but they must be real (no artificial petals)

Deposit, Rescheduling, Late Fees, and Cancellation Policies:

--Your initial deposit is non-refundable NO EXCEPTIONS

--You can reschedule your St. Augustine Wedding ceremony up to six months from the original ceremony date, and this must be done before 30 days of your original ceremony date.

--Late fees WILL apply if you are over 15 minutes to the ceremony.  Every 15 minutes after the initial 15 minutes, more late charges will be due.  Over 45 minutes late, your ceremony may be cancelled, all decor will be removed, and no refunds, credits, or rescheduling will be due to you (does not include weather related issues -- such as we are all at the beach, but waiting out a passing shower).  If late fees are charged, they will need to be paid in cash, before we will start the ceremony.  Remember, your guests have been on the beach,in the sun waiting for you.  And, on the East coast we have to be very mindful of high and low tides, too.

--If you cancel your wedding with more than 30 days before your ceremony date:  Any payments BESIDES the initial non-refundable deposit, will be returned to you (minus any payments that have already been made to vendors on your behalf)  If you cancel your wedding with less than 30 days from the ceremony date, no refunds, or credits will be due to you.  

Receptions, Accommodations, Restaurants, Salons, etc..:

--Once you reserve with us, we will be glad to provide you with any recommendations you may need

Other Beach Wedding Policies:

--We are not responsible in providing an alternate location in the event of bad weather.  We can use your nearby hotel, or reception site, possible covered picnic areas at some of our locations.  If it is a very light shower, be prepared with umbrellas, as the ceremony can go on.

--We determine the best location on the beach to install your beach wedding decor.  

--We coordinate our own beach wedding ceremonies.

--Unruly, or intoxicated guests, will not be tolerated and may be asked to leave.

We have been hired by you to host your beach wedding and carry out the decor, ceremony,etc... that you have chosen.  Our number one job is to make sure your wedding is how you have chosen it!

Florida Marriage License Requirements
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